I'm serena girardi, and it's so nice to "meet you!"

I have had a passion for working with children, specifically babies, since before I can even remember (my own mom can confirm!) Although my first love is babies, my passion has extended to educating parents and supporting them through the process of parenthood, especially new parenthood.

I love being around little ones and learning about their unique personalities. And while your child is the main focus of what I do, as a sleep consultant, first and foremost...

my goal is to serve you as parents.

I can help you by:

Wondering how I can help you as a parent?


Supporting and correcting poorly developed routine and/or sleep habits

providing daytime schedules to gain predictability in what can become chaotic days 

Helping you build confidence as new parents

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a little more about me...

I worked with numerous families babysitting and nannying for years throughout high school (and into college). When deciding on my college degree, I went into nursing because I thought it was the only way I would be able to work with babies. I decided nursing was not for me and thought I would never live my dream of working with children. After graduating, I felt a strong calling from God to circle back to my true passion, babies. I became a newborn care specialist.

But, I realized I wanted more; I wanted to help, support, and be an educator for parents. The more and more I was working with moms, I realized how ill-equipped they were. Most post-partum resources do not teach the importance of schedules, routines, feeding habits, sleep, wake windows, etc. I wanted to be the person to educate mamas. In addition, I wanted to be the person that mamas come to when they feel like they are barely surviving the days because they have gotten into crazy routines with no sleep, making everything CHAOS.

Enter sleep consulting. I came across some women who were trailblazers for the profession and decided to take this path, and now I'm so happy I get to help families just like yours.